A licensed doctor is available 6 am to 11 pm - 7 days per week. Our Telehealth online process allows clients and doctors alike to quickly process Medical Cannabis evaluations. Recommendations are normally completed in minutes.
California residents over the age of 18 with health concerns qualifies for a MMJ evaluation. If the evaluating physician finds that the patient's symptoms and conditions qualify, then Medical Marijuana is officially Recommended and the patient is legally allowed to purchase, possess and use Medical Cannabis.
You can apply and be approved here online - in minutes. An operator is available to process your application lmost 24/7 - 7 days per week. The application process is completed entirely 100% online - there is no need for a visit to a doctor's office or clinic.
MMJ Recommendation is a document that authorizes a patient to purchase, use, possess and grow (limited quantities) of Medical Marijuana in the State of California. 420 Recommendations must come from a California licensed Medical doctor for a qualified symptom or condition.