Interestingly, the number of people that type in adective and addictive (proper spelling) is approximately the same, which, perhaps is a sign of emminent apocalypse.

Is marijuana addictive? The answer is yes. Are you shocked?

The consensus average of marijuana of several scientific studies is that about 1 out of 20 people get addicted to weed. While this statistic may disturb some people, marijuana is much less addictive than sugar, fried food, alcohol, coffee, and of course the scourge of the planet, opiates. In addition, marijuana consumers are less obese, less prone to suicide and never get a hangover from weed. While sugar, junk food, alcohol and drugs take millions upon millions of lives.

The key point to addictions is, are they harmful? A person that is addicted to sugar and is 100lbs overweight, there is no question. On the other hand, addiction to your children or wife is normal and a non-issue. The question is your addiction harmful? When it comes to medical marijuana, time and again the answer is a profound no. AIDS ,Cancer, Pain, Epilepsy patients will attest to the god sent that marijuana is, and how they escaped the pharmaceutical hell they typically were in.

At the end of the day, on the outside chance you become addicted to medical marijuana, provided you're taking the right type and in the right amount to treat your conditions and symptoms, your addiction could be called rather, a good habit.